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  • How Do You Define Success?

    How Do You Define Success?

    I believe we all may have a different definition of success. Some may define it as working at their dream career or being the CEO of a major business. Some may define it as having a big home, driving an expensive car and/or being married with children. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with these things or working towards them, this isn’t what being successful is to me.

    To me, success is being at a stage in life where we are happy and content with what we have and with what we are doing, even if we are currently working towards such things. It’s been proven many times that a person can have everything I mentioned above and yet not be happy or content while others who have very little has so much joy in their lives because of their outlook on life.

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  • What Chore Do You Find The Most Challenging To Do?

    What Chore Do You Find The Most Challenging To Do?

    The chore that has been the most challenging to me is sweeping which is unfortunate because as much as I do love having a clean home, I especially love having clean floors. It sounds like such a simple thing to do to sweep the dirt on the floor into one pile, then sweep it into a dust pan and dump it in the garbage. I mean, it does sound simple. However, it is the one chore I suck at.


  • What Color Describes Your Personality & Why?

    What Color Describes Your Personality & Why?

    For this prompt, I decided to take an online colour personality quiz and my result was GREEN! Below is the colour’s attributes and description from the quiz:

    Attributes: Balanced and Practical.

    Green is the color of renewal and growth, making it ideal for those looking to embrace their natural personality. According to test results, those who tend towards the color green are resourceful, creative, and driven individuals who are always looking for new challenges.

    Whether crafting a new business plan or brainstorming innovative solutions to a problem, green color peoples have no shortage of ideas and energy. Additionally, green color personalities respond well to different types of feedback and criticism, using even negative comments as opportunities for growth. With their unique combination of creativity and resilience, those with a green color personality genuinely stand out in any group setting.

    If interested, I took the quiz here. Please note, there are ads on the site for the quiz.

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Joshua 1:9 (NIV)


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